SCRAM Alcohol Monitoring Systems Senior Systems Administrator in Littleton, Colorado

Job Descriptions:

Provide overall planning, implementation, set up, deployment and administration of the organization’s application’s environments, including servers, network switches, firewalls, network facilities, data centers, data closets and clients as assigned in all company locations. Responsible for applications environment support, hardware, OS, security, storage, printing, backups, performance planning, availability, service, resource utilization and assisting with planning to meet overall business needs and objectives.


  • As a Senior Network / Systems Administrator for Network Operations / IT this position executes with minimal supervision, following defined procedures, to accomplish the complex elements of technical duties dealing with the entire hardware architecture. The Architecture include servers, switches, network fabric, storage, telephony and computing facilities.

  • Operations - Use and trouble shooting of the operations / systems/ applications of AMS. This support includes the daily operations of the facilities, applications, systems, storage, networks, resource utilization, performance tuning, queues, logging, and job scheduling, and monitoring of the corporate computing network.

  • Security - data and account permissions, physical access, passwords and conducting of periodic audits.

  • Configuration - servers, switches, firewalls, operations applications, profiles, batch and interactive jobs, queues, interfaces, peripherals

  • Maintenance and Upgrades - hardware, firmware, network, operating systems, applications use of SCRAMNet and other applications as needed.

  • Administrative Procedures - develop, document, maintain procedures for the support of the needs throughout the organization.

  • Moves/Adds/Changes - new hires, attrition, change of responsibility in the network or hardware needed by the organization or the individual.

  • Training - technical, procedural, transactional, service processes for all SCRAMNet hardware architecture.

  • Data Assurance - backups, recovery and disaster planning.

  • Budget - component and service pricing, purchase requisitions as required by management


  • As a Network / System Applications Administrator for systems, this position executes with minimal supervision, for system maintenance, tuning, monitoring of system and network elements to ensure maximum uptime and best response time for all users.

  • Some cross Dept. team membership, learns Departmental processes.

  • Solves identified cross functional procedural issues in a team manner. Responds to system/network issues as they arise and work on problem resolution on complex and large problems.

  • Assists in making decisions having department wide impact with members of the team. Considers basic alternatives. Uses Best Practice methodologies.

  • Fully complies with appropriate communication standards. Operates in a non-confrontational style. Training on confrontation management skills.

  • Writes in an orderly, logical and coherent style. Effectively conveys ideas and information through reports, letters and proposals. Learning appropriate communication style of organization.

  • Develops documentation with members of the team. Creates documentation for simple to complex techniques and processes which complies with appropriate documentation standards.

  • Works with a team to make participative decisions. Decisions independently made are usually not cross functional.

  • Performs to company attendance standards and does what it takes to complete the assignment keeping team informed of time needs.

  • Negotiates up front and negotiates new due dates if necessary. Assesses what is needed to complete and when. Training and guidance on impact analysis will be provided.

  • Participates in team discussion, decisions and team management. Analyzes capital options making best selections and completes Purchase documentation.

  • Learns existing processes of SCRAMNet applications.

  • Participates in specific skills classes made available by management.

  • Demonstrates consideration for customer. Has a positive, professional attitude. Works at following up on customer issues promptly. Keeps customer informed of actions and uses senior team members to help resolve problem.

  • Must carry a cell phone and pager. Participates in 24 x 7 on call support duty, is be able to resolve routine issues and escalate more complex problems to senior team members.

  • Execution affects cross functional productivity.

Required Experience:



Bachelor’s degree in Business or Computer Science. Previous experience in a Business System support role and/or formal education in the listed discipline, equal to 4 years, may be substituted for the degree.

Required Knowledge:

Adaptability, Analysis, Customer Service Orientation, Documentation, Initiative, Judgment/Decisiveness, Oral Communication, Technical/Professional, Quality Orientation, Work Standards, Written Communication.

Microsoft Certifications with Operating Systems

Network Design and management Proficiency (CCNA, or equivalent experience)

Security Network experience

Microsoft domain administration

Microsoft Server administration

MSCE (desirable)

Experience Required:

Minimum 6 - 10 years experience in a business environment with 5 years in support of a business’s database system software. Experience with supporting all facets of business operations is required. Must also be experienced in using the business system to do month end and year end maintenance.

Skills / Abilities:

Strong communication skills, ability to work with a wide range of users. IT Operational experience where technical needs are weighed against business impacts and systems are deployed and administered with a goal of high availability and minimal support cost.


Keyword: Network Design, Security Network experience, MS server, MS certification

From: SCRAM Systems